Witekio | Embedded architecture and Software Integration - Architecture et Intégration de systèmes embarqués - Embedded Dienstleistung

System Architecture and Software Integration

The main key factors leading to the success of an embedded system project or a connected system are the overall integration of the software layers and their suitability for the environment and the user. The design of an optimal architecture, multi-layer integration, choosing the right technologies and use scenario reasoning by are determining factors.

Witekio, from embedded architecture to software development

Witekio combines embedded architecture and great technical expertise, both with regard to the lower layers and the upper and applicative layers, with its knowledge of the needs and uses of the various markets to achieve a comprehensive system approach. The unique combination of these skills and expertise enables us to be a key player in project success and efficiency.

Witekio, having started under the name of Adeneo Embedded, was one of the first specialised software development companies for complex embedded systems 15 years ago. Relying on our experience with hundreds of projects, across multiple technologies, we provide requirement specification support services, software architecture analysis and design, and multiple software layer development and the integration services with a system approach