Industrial Valve Connectivity Made Easy

Velan's new range of connected valves gives users up-to-date, accurate telemetry, thanks to Witekio's connectivity and app development expertise.

Our project needed guidance and Witekio's clear understanding of our needs, and solid IoT and application experience, made them the ideal partner.

Witekio's strength lies in their team's adaptability. Their ability to deliver ahead of schedule and manage external delays efficiently was commendable.

Jérôme Champavere
Development Director
Valve manufacturer for nuclear energy
Company Size

Velan needed support developing connected IoT valves to be deployed in the nuclear
energy industry.

The valves will provide reliable and up-to-date telemetry to customers. To make this possible, data from internal valve sensors needed to be migrated in real time to a custom web application dashboard, in a secure and accessible manner.

The project needed end-to-end IoT cloud connectivity expertise and web application expertise. Velan selected Witekio to provide:

  • UX Workshops
  • System architecture consulting to lay out a detailed roadmap for the project.
  • A custom-built, Windows IoT platform to migrate data from the sensors to a data lake.
  • A web application with an intuitive GUI.
  • Security advice for data transfers, cloud connectivity and more.
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The Witekio Solution
Phase one: understanding and outlining

Our partnership with Velan began with a comprehensive software consultation. This ensured that all project goals, requirements, and limitations were taken into consideration. 

Due to the nature of nuclear energy, it was vital for Velan that their new connected valves offered accurate and reliable measurements, and so the team got straight to work developing a custom solution to their needs.

IoT Cloud Connectivity in Action

The custom Windows platform utilized 4G communications to migrate data from the sensors to the web platform.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience in embedded and IoT software development, we were able to advise Velan on how best to create a secure internal cloud platform, as well as offer insight into how to ensure near real-time data transfer.

User-Centric Web App Development

On top of the connectivity and data collection, Velan needed a place where users could easily read the measurements from the valves.

By using an agile methodology, we were able to start development on this web-based app in parallel to the connectivity solution, testing and iterating as we progressed, to avoid project bottlenecks and ensure the project was finished on time.

The custom web application provides users with detailed information about the activity levels of each connected valve, as well as those nearby. Thanks to our initial consulting phase, we were able to anticipate and meet end-users future needs by suggesting a QR code based-approach on each valve, making it easy for engineers to scan and read the data via a web portal.

Windows IoT Platform and customer portal
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