W. H. Leary Co.

Leveling-up an automated industrial system with Yocto

W. H. Leary, a leading packaging manufacturer, needed to upgrade and reimagine their Monet platform to ensure longevity and a seamless end-user experience. From concept to completion, Witekio knew just the thing to make that possible.

From our first consulting workshop to our end-of-project results, the Witekio team showed in-depth knowledge and insight into our needs and the embedded ecosystem. We would recommend the team to any company looking for an embedded solution and foolproof plan to get there.
Packaging and Containers Manufacturing
Company Size
100 +
The Challenge

W. H. Leary needed to migrate their OS and Kernel due to an end-of-life CPU and OS. The Monet platform – which automates the company's world-class packaging manufacturing system -is a vital part of the companies offering, so extra care was needed to ensure ease of use and system longevity.

After an in-depth consulting workshop phase, W. H. Leary selected Witekio’s architecture concept, and development team, to deliver the:

  • Reimagining of a real-time processing system, from the lower levels up
  • Yocto BSP development, OS migration, and language localization support
  • GUI integration for seamless user-experience
  • System optimization and documentation
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The Witekio Solution

W. H. Leary knew the end of life (EOL) for their WinCE OS was in the works, but their CPU EOL came as a surprise. After failing to find a suitable CPU replacement, the company asked Witekio to help with architecture consulting and planning their OS and Kernel migration.

Thanks to our vast experience in Linux, we quickly and confidently prototyped a new BSP solution that could ensure the company's real-time processing needs would be met.


It’s not just because we have 140+ Linux engineers, but because it was the right solution for the job.

Our Yocto BSP development and updated OS enabled true separation between the application (Monet) and real-time engine (Kernel), making future upgrades and optimisation possible with fewer customer disruptions.

To make this possible the Witekio team set to work on tasks including:
• Documenting the current Yocto System Image layout and size
• Designing a new partition layout for read-only rootfs with read/write settings/logs partition
• Removing any unnecessary packages from the image


Although W. H. Leary's Monet platform on Linux was designed to look like a transparent change to the end user, most components in the platform were changed to some degree or another with the help of Witekio.

From small things, like serial port address changes, to large, like running Monet under an emulation layer with no real access to hardware, the conversion to Linux was a sea change for the entire platform and one that will offer reliable results for the foreseeable future.

Successful migration and updating of system OS, BSP and Kernel
True separation between the application (Monet) and real-time engine (Kernel)
Documentation and optimization of Yocto system for future upgrades and use
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