Witekio Webinar: Best Practices for Building a Secure Embedded System

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Looking to enhance or ensure the security of your embedded system?

Join us for an exclusive webinar where Witekio and Octavo will delve into the best practices for developing a secure embedded system by leveraging SiP hardware and embedded software best practices.

Explore the unique security advantages that SiP brings to the table, the different types of security you should be aware of, and how to maintain the security of your system.

Don’t miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding of securing embedded systems. Engage with our experts and get your questions answered live!

Who Should Attend 🤔

  • Developers and Engineers working to secure their embedded solutions.
  • Product Managers interested in the security aspects of embedded systems.
  • Anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of secure development lifecycle processes for embedded systems.




What You Will Learn ⚡

  • Overview of SiP and the security advantages of SiP
  • Physical Security Enhancements: Encapsulation protection and power management communication protection
  • Types of software security: Boot, communications and runtime
  • Secure development lifecycle process.
  • Use of approved tools/processes, reviews, and static analysis.
  • Tests for software security
  • Maintenance: CVE scanning, system updates, and more.

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