Witekio Webinar: Migrating Qt from an MPU to an MCU

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Are you a device maker looking to make a transition from an MPU to an MCU for your Qt-based projects? 🤔

Well you’re in luck! The combined knowledge of experts from Witekio and Qt Group are here to guide you through this process.⚡

Whether you’re looking to move to an MCU to save costs, lower power consumption or due to space constraints, we’ll advise you how to best optimize your GUI and application development by leveraging hardware, Qt’s powerful platform, and expert application development insights from Witekio.


Who Should Attend:

• Product Managers thinking of transitioning from MPU to MCU for GUI and applications.

• Engineers and Developers interested in optimizing their Qt-based projects.

• Anyone looking to enhance their understanding of hardware and software migration strategies.




What You Will Learn:

• What Qt offers to address and speed up the design and development of UI applications for widely varying hardware platforms

• Real-life examples of successful transitions from MPU to MCU with Qt

• How to leverage Qt’s platform for both MPU and MCU environments.

• Expectations and challenges when transitioning from MPU to MCU.

• Live demonstrations of Qml application porting.

• Expert tips and tricks for a successful migration. • And more

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from leading tech companies on a trending subject and ask your questions to our experts.