Witekio Webinar: Security Hardening of a Yocto Distro

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Are you a device maker working with Yocto for your embedded Linux projects? 🐧 Then this webinar is for you!

In this Yocto Masterclass, Witekio experts will guide you through the essential phases of cybersecurity and how Yocto can be leveraged to ensure a secure and robust platform for your embedded systems. We’ll then dive into the deep end with Mender, who will discuss what to do if things go wrong 😱


Who Should Attend 🤔

• Developers and Engineers working with Yocto for embedded Linux projects.

• Product Managers interested in understanding the security aspects of Yocto distributions for their device.

• Anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of cybersecurity in embedded systems.

What You Will Learn ⚡

• The five phases of cybersecurity and their relevance to Yocto distributions.

• How Yocto as a platform will be impacted by each phase of security.

• What to do when things go wrong.

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