Make the most out of STMicroelectronics first MPU: STM32MP1

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Industrial technology product innovators can now rely on STMicroelectronics and Witekio’s partnership to speed up their IoT and smart industrial automation projects!

Building on its expertise in ARM Cortex, STMicroelectronics has launched the STM32MP1, its first multicore microprocessor in the continuing STM32 success story.

As the Android 9.0 board bring-up partner to STMicroelectronics and an embedded Linux expert, Witekio is proud to bring its team’s software expertise in order to speed up our client product development journeys.

What features does STM32MP1 show that make a difference for your time to market?

What are the benefits for innovators in the industry?

  • Speed up your projects, accelerate your time to market
  • No compromise on performance

STM32MP1 is the first MPU launched by STMicroelectronics.

It benefits from all the experience of the global semiconductor leader and from the success of the STM32 MCU product range.

STM32MP1 is a general-purpose MPU, suitable to all developer types and multiple applications for industrial, the health and wellness market, home appliances, and consumer goods.

This new MPU brings an advanced and flexible architecture with a 3D GPU for your HMI, power management capabilities, fast processing, and real-time. It also embeds a large set of peripherals.

The STM32MP1 MPU design has been developed to allow innovators to speed up their innovative industrial projects without any compromise on product performance.

  • You can take all full advantages of a Linux development while making it simple as STM32MP1 embeds a fully mainlined, open-source Linux distribution.
  • The MPU multicore architecture with computing and graphic support as well as high feature integration will allow you to build HMI and user experiences meeting the highest expectations of your customers.
  • The STM32MP1 architecture is ideal for real-time and power-constrained sub systems ensuring your device’s high performance.
  • Benefit from all the STMicroelectronics services, including its 10-year longevity commitment.

Given Witekio’s key involvement in bringing Android Pie to the STM32MP1, we welcome customers to come to us with any of their board and application-related software challenges.  Our goal is to help customers tackle complex inter-processor communications and deliver robust full-stack software services for a successful product launch.

Add to this that Witekio is an STMicroelectronics partner for any software aspect related to the STM32MP1 and you are all set for a successful project.

Through our development collaboration with STMicroelectronics, Witekio has gained a deep knowledge of the STM32MP1. Our expert engineers bring their knowledge and expertise to co-pilot your project from software system design to Cloud connectivity. We design, develop and integrate your full software system to make sure your project is a success.

Witekio contributed to the launch of this new MPU and has been supporting customer projects on STM32MP1 since.

Need software epxerts to leverage your STM32MP1?

ST Dev conference demonstration showing how to update a deep learning model on STM32MP1

The STM32MP1 is a general-purpose microprocessor. It is now popular for a variety of IoT projects. Among its advantages are its flexible architecture, its power efficiency, and its support for a variety of operating systems and open-source software. It has a wide variety of connectivity options and the capacity to support data processing on the microprocessor. This capacity to support Edge AI projects and both machine and deep learning software – including increasingly popular Tiny ML projects – makes it an attractive choice for the Witekio team and this demonstration.

Thanks to Witekio’s open-source FullMetalUpdate, the fear of a bricked device after a software update is no more. At the last ST dev Conference virtual, last October, Cédric Vincent, Witekio’s director of technology and embedded Software Engineer Antonin Godard demonstrated how to use FullMetalUpdate to update a deep learning model on an STM32MP1 microprocessor – here’s how it was done.

A patient monitoring scenario with STM32MP1 running Android 9 Pie and Qt 5 embedded application

Our software engineers have built a demo to show what STMicroelectronics’ STM32MP1 can do in a realistic patient monitoring scenario in real life in the medical field. This real patient monitoring solution demo shows a medical application with STM32MP1, running Android 9 Pie and Qt 5 application. It allows monitoring of pulse, temperature, and electrocardiogram through sensors. Results are displayed in real-time on an HMI using Qt 5.

Witekio experts ported Android 9.0 Pie for STM32MP1

Witekio has a +18-year history of experience in developing board support packages and low-level software layers for the semiconductors and hardware makers industry. Our software engineers have become experts in developing and customizing software for many types of hardware platforms. As an STMicroelectronics partner, Witekio’s team of software experts are deeply involved and motivated to help customers with their Android 9.0 Pie porting or any other software development challenges for the STM32MP1.