Witekio becomes Gold Member of the Yocto Project

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Witekio Commits to Helping Yocto Open-Source Software Reach More Uses Than Ever 

Witekio, a global leader in embedded and IoT software services, has today announced it is now officially a Gold Member of the Yocto Project.

Witekio’s Gold Membership status of the Yocto Project is a significant milestone, as it represents the company’s unwavering commitment to open-source software and embedded systems innovation, as well as advancing the embedded and IoT software landscape.

As well as the company’s sponsorship, Witekio is donating its internal embedded software and marketing experts’ time to help the Yocto Project host educational events, in-person outreach, and boost the project’s online presence.

Samir Bounab, CEO of Witekio, expressed his excitement about this new partnership, stating:

“We have been champions of the Yocto Project since its inception and recommend it to our clients wholeheartedly. We are incredibly proud to be recognised as a Gold Member of the Yocto Project.

This partnership highlights our unwavering commitment to open-source software, which enables us to provide our clients with cutting-edge embedded and IoT solutions. We look forward to contributing to the Yocto Project’s growth and sharing our expertise with the community.”

Andrew Wafaa, The Yocto Project Governance Board Chair, commented, “Witekio’s dedication to the Yocto Project and embedded systems is commendable. This collaboration promises a bright future for the embedded systems industry and the broader open-source Yocto community, we are excited to have them on board.”

The Yocto Project is an industry-leading open-source collaboration focused on creating templates, tools, and methods to assist developers in the creation of custom Linux-based systems for embedded products.

Witekio has a long history of delivering innovative Yocto-based systems for device makers and has helped hundreds of Yocto-based products get to market. Whether it’s optimizing performance, ensuring software compliance, or streamlining development cycles, Witekio’s 180+ engineers can help.

With demand for custom Linux distributions at an all-time high, Witekio has even launched a new spinoff brand which focuses solely on selling off-the-shelf Linux software tools. “The Embedded Kit” comprises four software frameworks designed to build, test, connect and secure a custom Linux distribution based on Yocto.

For more information about Witekio and its Gold Membership status in the Yocto Project, please visit witekio.com or yoctoproject.org/ecosystem/members/.

Georgie Ryan Casling - Content Manager
22 November 2023