Yocto Linux Embedded Development Services

Witekio is the go-to Yocto expert for device makers 🦾


Our full-stack Yocto Embedded Development service can take you from concept to market, and beyond.


Ten years' experience. Hundreds of products under our belt. Close collaboration with the open-source community. Our in-depth knowledge of Yocto is unparalleled.

This is why Witekio is chosen to help bring connected Linux products to market time and time again.

We craft Yocto-based solutions that match your exact needs. Whether it's optimizing performance, ensuring software compliance, or streamlining development cycles, our expertise guarantees the best outcome for your project.

Partner with Witekio to take your Yocto-embedded device to the next level.

Our Yocto Development Services Can Help You With:
Using Yocto for your embedded device comes with many advantages, but getting the best results requires a high level of expertise. Witekio has that expertise, leaving you free to focus on your core objectives.
Minimize development time by taking advantage of real-world experience. Our services allow you to fast-track your time to market and eliminate the costs associated with building a full in-house Yocto team.
All embedded and IoT devices come with multiple potential vulnerabilities, which can be disastrous if exploited. Our security by design approach keeps your Yocto device safe from all angles.


Yocto Fast-track Service
A complete package to accelerate your embedded Yocto project.

Yocto Optimization
Unleash the full potential of your Yocto embedded device.

Yocto App Development
Intuitive and efficient App development for your device.

Yocto Maintenance
Keep your Yocto distribution up-to-date and secure.

Yocto Connectivity
Secure and scalable connectivity for Yocto devices.

Yocto OS Migration
Seamless OS Migration, both to and from Yocto.

Level up your Yocto Device with Witekio


Whether you are working with an MCU or MPU, we can help.

We have partnerships with the biggest names in tech, and as an Avnet company, we offer software services with a hardware-focused mindset.

We’ve worked on Yocto projects across a wide range of industries, built upon a vast number of different components.

From our first consulting workshop to our end-of-project results, the Witekio team showed in-depth knowledge and insight into our needs and the embedded ecosystem. We would recommend the team to any company looking for an embedded solution and foolproof plan to get there.
Witekio were an extremely responsive and knowledgeable supplier during this project, especially during the beta phase when they helped us resolve field issues very rapidly.
Nick Sutherland
Product Manager
The team fully met our needs and urgent requirements, as well as effectively controlled the budget and project activities. We've been working with Witekio for two years. The quality of the deliverables gets better every time.
Claude Pettinato
Head of Software Development


Yocto Security

Witekio takes a “secure by design” approach to all Linux projects, providing comprehensive solutions to protect your embedded device against potential vulnerabilities.

Track Record

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and 9/10 of our customers would recommend us for future projects. Our track record speaks for itself.

Yocto Expertise

With over a decade of experience building embedded Yocto systems, our expertise is industry-proven and developed alongside leading industry partners.

Are you looking to develop a top-tier Yocto device?

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