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Updating your Linux system, whether you are using your desktop machine or an embedded platform, is always somewhat of a challenge.

The typical and most popular way to perform system updates is to use the package manager provided by the system’s distribution but this is not necessarily true for embedded devices, due to the process not being as safe or atomic.

Furthermore, when using package managers, a well-tested system configuration at shipping time may be updated later on, leading to an unknown setup with individual packages having different versions, an undesirable situation for most products synonym to support nightmare.

Embedded systems unfortunately also have particular constraints which need to be taken into account. For instance, a power loss could happen at any time and in the case of remote  system updates, devices may not be physically accessible meaning that if a failure occurs, there could simply be no straightforward way to restore the operating system.


System Update with SWUpdate


Witekio | LC Boston FEB 2017 _ SWUpdate to update your systemDiscover in the video below, recorded at the Embedded Linux Conference ELC 2017, the presentation I held for Witekio. It shows how the SWUpdate framework can not only solve the majority of the aforementioned software system update issues but also bring a universal and versatile solution to the table.


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Gabriel Huau - IoT Architect
04 May 2017