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andrew-at-ELC-pragueEmbedded Linux Conference: board farms

During our session at Embedded Linux Prague, I provided an overview of the Witekio farm highlighting the challenges faced – both in hardware challenges (connecting boards to farms) and software challenges (providing a software platform to higher level software such as Jenkins, KernelCI to use).

Everyone is talking about board farms and becoming farmers to their own board farms. Board farms add a link to continuous integration that allows for continuous deployment and automated testing. However we are all working on this in silos – yet we come across the same challenges and solve them with very different proprietary solutions.


Farming Together at the Embedded Linux Conference

Discover in the video below, recorded at ELC 2017 Prague – the presentation I held for Witekio. It shows how we built such a board farm and what are the challenges we faced during its development.


Andrew Murray - UK Managing Director
31 October 2017