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Our latest webinars

Yocto Master Class - Understanding variables and overrides

In this master class, our experts covered the mechanisms of Yocto, how to create a customised Yocto build and software package for your product, as well as how to integrate the software with connectivity services such as Mender. 

First aired July 21, 2022

Software and Cybersecurity Challenges for Robust Smart Camera Applications

Join our experts as they present a tutorial based on AMD-Xilinx Kria SOM that explains how to set up robust vision systems with Machine Learning (ML) and implement the appropriate security requirements to develop secured software and ML on SOMs.

First aired July 26, 2022

Bring Agility to the development of your HMIs

Witekio and QT joined forces to help you understand why and how you can use Qt to develop modern HMIs in an agile way.

Discover how to leverage a framework like Qt to ensure the right people & organizational methods are used.

First aired April 19th, 2022

Industry News

Witekio and the Qt Company celebrated seven years of partnership at the Embedded World 2022 exhibition.

The celebration, which was attended by Witekio and Qt management, employees, and Embedded World visitors, saw the two companies highlight projects made possible by working with each other, as well as commit to continue developing their partnership, projects, and services together.

Of the 50 customer projects Witekio has completed using the Qt framework, particular focus was given to the home application and medical device sectors, where having a clear and reliable GUI is more important than ever.

Samir Bounab, General Manager of Witekio, commented: “Our ongoing partnership with a leading player like the Qt company is proof of Witekio’s expertise and our standing in the embedded and IoT software market. We are dedicated to developing this relationship, as we see how it helps us better support OEM customers thanks to direct access to the technology provider”

Petteri Hollander, Senior Vice President of Qt, said: “Be it to serve customers together, to build premium technical content for the Qt community, or to leverage Witekio expertise for our customer base, we like working with Witekio and are willing to maintain our partnership for the years to come”.

Industrial IoT

Witekio recently took part in the Embedded World Exhibition and Conference 2022, where we displayed our:

  • Connected IoT Crane
  • Ping Pong Game
  • Connected Coffee Machine

Which you can see in action here:

The Connected IoT Crane model, which is an industrial IoT solution, uses Qt framework, Avnet hardware and Voice Recognition Technology from Vivoka to highlight the benefits of having industrial equipment connected to the cloud.

Through voice you can control the crane’s movements and jib, as well as see live data via a supervisor’s screen, enabling remote monitoring, maintenance, and security alerts.

Take the hassle out of automated IoT testing with Pluma

Pluma is a smart, automated, full-stack IoT testing tool designed for all your software development projects.

Harnessing our vast knowledge and experience in designing, building and deploying IoT solutions, Pluma offers everything you need to effortlessly discover bugs and performance issues fast.

Why? So you can take control of your project lifecycle and save your budget for new features – not long fixes.


Flutter: The First Choice for Cross-Platform GUI Development

Should Flutter be your first choice for cross-platform GUI development? 

Looking to develop a cross-platform GUI for your product? Have you considered using the Flutter framework?  

Find out why we think the Flutter framework is attractive for developers, and why it is leaving alternatives like React Native and Xamarin in the dust. 

Don’t want to read the whole thing… We’ve pulled out our three key Flutter advantages for developers: 

  • It’s fast.
    Flutter complies with Arm machine code, Intel machine code, and JavaScript. This means that no matter what mobile, desktop, or embedded device you are deploying to, performance is maintained and optimized for speed. 
  • It’s productive.
    With Flutter’s Hot Reload feature, a developer can build and iterate quickly. Code can be updated, and changes reviewed instantly without ever losing state. 
  • It’s flexible.
    With Flutter, developers can control every pixel. This means that they can adapt and customize graphical interfaces that look and feel great no matter the screen size.  
Tech spotlight

Yocto Kernel Development & Security Hardening

A profitable and successful device is a secure device – but in a world of threats, how do you secure your device and ensure it has a chance to find its market and deliver for end-users?

Yocto Kernel Development & Security Hardening

This is a key strategy to adopt and in this article, we’ll outline:

  • What security hardening is
  • Why it is important for Linux devices
  • How Yocto Kernel Development plays a part in security hardening

We’ll even provide examples of how Witekio customers have relied on our Yocto expertise to improve and upgrade the security of their market-leading smart and connected devices (lucky you!)

This is a one-stop-shop article for all your Yocto Kernel Development & Security Hardening needs!

Podcast - Xilinx Kria SoM (System on Module)

Xilinx Kria SoM – advantages, uses, the skillset needed and more  

In our latest Witekio Podcast, we’re joined by the Senior Director of Industrial, Vision, Healthcare & Sciences at AMD to talk everything Xilinx Kria SoM. 

Listen on to find out:  

  • Exactly what Xilinx Kria SoM is  
  • What you need to get started  
  • The advantages of using Kria SoM compared to a board processor  

and much more…