How is it November already?!

As the year creeps towards its close, Witekio is proudly still in full swing.


Our engineering teams are working hard on a host of client devices that will go to market in early 2023 and have recently taken part in several talking panels at the Engineering Design Show (one you can read all about below).


If that’s not enough, the Yocto Master Class Part Three in Partnership with is just around the corner which will be talking about all things Managing and Maintaining a Yocto distribution with Secure Updates.


Plus, we’re teaming with Pentest for the first time ever to host a webinar on how to identify and secure threats on your connected device.


We hope you find these topics useful, and if you have a specific issue you’d like our experts to tackle that we’ve not yet covered, let us know –

Georgie Ryan Casling
Content Manager
IoT Testing

If you couldn’t attend our recent webinar on Automated IoT Testing, don’t panic! 😱

We’ve listed our top takeaways from the event in this handy article, so you can stay in the loop, even on the go.

Read on to find out more about:

  • Finding your bugs, fast

Think about the possibilities of testing the work your developer has finished that day. You come back the next morning and everything that needs fixing is waiting for you  ⚡

  • The automated tests that aren’t possible with humans

Some tests take days or even months of repeated testing. This just isn’t possible or even an affordable option to think about doing manually. Plus, we believe the QA team are evil geniuses 🤖, so we’re not about to annoy them. 

  • and our conclusion – is automated testing is ALL you need

Yes and no – but you have to hear us out…



Recently, Witekio took part in a panel on AI ethics and engineering at this year’s Engineering Design Show.

So, what is the discussion around AI ethics and engineering?

It is all about bias. Whether purposeful or unintended, bias can have a massive impact on a user’s-experience and we know all about this as embedded software experts – because we are working with the devices that use the technology.

But what do organisations need to do to understand and fix bias? Some of our recommendations include:

▪  Acknowledging that AI systems are trained on historical data which contains mistreatments/imbalances/biases due to complex societal problems.

▪  Invest in independent testers, providers of good training and test data and the involvement of high-level product owners/stakeholders to discuss, test and update any bias found.

▪  Increase diversity in training data. You need a diverse base to ensure hive thinking does not happen.

Witekio at the Engineering Design Show

Join the Witekio team as we explore the Engineering Design Show and discover some of the most exciting tech on display.

Answers include Witekio, Avnet Silica, Silicon Labs and more.

Three Considerations when Picking a Public Cloud for IoT Device Management

With the closure of Google IoT Core creeping up, we’re throwing back to our top three considerations when picking a public cloud for IoT device management:

  • Identity and Authentication,
  • Authorization and Permissions
  • Picking Device to Cloud Communication Protocols

Our latest webinars and events

Yocto Master Class - Managing and Maintaining a Yocto distribution with Secure Updates

Wednesday, November 16th 

After the success of parts one and two, Witekio and Mender are partnering once again to bring you the Yocto Master Class Part 3 – Managing and Maintaining a Yocto distribution with Secure Updates.

In this master class, our experts will help Product Managers and Engineers understand the importance of keeping your Yocto up-to-date, as well as how to overcome the difficulties that come with this.


Witekio at SIDO Paris

8 – 9 November 

Join the Witekio team at SIDO Paris!

Come say hello to the Witekio Paris team at booth G13, where you can talk to the team about your software needs and much more.

At the event, we’ll be displaying the Saeco next-generation Xelsis coffee machine, a truly connected home appliance that we had the pleasure of working on. See the device in action live, including its luxury touchscreen, customisable coffee options and much more.

You can book a slot to talk to us below, or just pop along on the day.

IoT Ecosystem Security - How to identify and secure threats on your connected device

Tuesday, December 6th 

If you are bringing a connected device or product to market, making sure it’s secure is vital.

In this webinar, Witekio and Pentest have teamed up to outline exactly how to assess, test and solve IoT Ecosystem security issues. We’ll cover how you can run risk analysis and outline common vulnerabilities, as well as hack a virtual device – then show you how to ensure this doesn’t happen to your product.

Job of the month:

Channel Manager – Lyon or Paris

The purpose of this role is to win, maintain, and expand Witekio’s relationships with assigned channel partners.

The Channel Manager is responsible for attracting & transforming channel opportunities while maintaining the best possible level of cooperation between different organizations and stakeholders.

This varied role will see you work with the Witekio Sales, Admin, and Engineering teams, as well as external partners.