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Just having an OTA update solution is not enough. Your solution needs to be fully integrated so that from notification, to update, to launch, everything works smoothly and never disrupts your customer or impacts their satisfaction with your device anything other than positively.

Witekio provides you with software accelerators to succeed in your IoT and embedded projects.

Ten years ago, delivering software updates Over The Air (OTA) might have been a nice value-add for a mobile device. Today? OTA updates are essential and standard operating procedures in the world of mobile devices, smart devices, connected devices, and IoT.

Witekio’s OTA update offer is an open-source solution for your peace of mind.

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Witekio’s OTA Update solution is fully integrated – FullMetalUpdate

Our OTA Update solution is a fully open-source solution for delivering OTA updates to your connected, mobile, and smart devices all across your IoT platform.

It is a simple and robust solution to the challenges of updating devices OTA and is perfect for delivering exactly what you demand from your software update platform: freedom to manage the OTA updates in-house, scalability, transparency, and cost savings.

It’s market-proven, optimized for industrial-scale deployment, and offers your team the chance to be either fully autonomous or work alongside Witekio’s experienced team to support your OTA update projects.

Cost saving

PLUG AND PLAY, you save money and time, use the solution even for small projects


NO BLACK BOX OR LOCK-IN, rely on widespread proven effective technologies


FULL AUTONOMY OR SUPPORT you choose depending on your system needs


OPEN SOURCE BRICKS constantly optimizes over time with contributions

OTA Update Features

Witekio’s OTA Update solution can be deployed out of the box, ready to go, and support all of your OTA software updates.

Hundreds of our client projects have already relied on, or continue to rely on, our team to deliver remote updates to mobile devices, connected and smart devices, and IoT networks.

While satisfied with the simplicity and robustness of the solution general, there are six aspects in particular that regularly attract customer praise.

Witekio's OTA software update solution is perfect for any connected device, smart device, IoT device, or IoT network. Open source and container-based, cloud-agnostic and unbrickable, and with delta updates to ensure a downtime-free experience. It’s the best way to get the latest version of your software onto your hardware with minimum interruption to service and maximum end-user satisfaction.

It might be a little cliché in the software world, but Witekio’s OTA update just works.

  • Witekio’s clients appreciate the high speed and low-cost OTA updates it powers
  • Engineering teams appreciate its open-source nature and full code transparency
  • Architects appreciate containerization and cloud agnosticism
  • End-users of your devices will always welcome fast, efficient updates that will never brick their tools.

Witekio’s solution is the answer to your OTA update questions.

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Documentation Linux

FullMetalUpdate is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.

Board Support Package

Board support package software is essential for electronic cards and processors, and customized boards support packages can accelerate your project significantly.

With the proliferation of operating systems (Linux, Android, Windows, QNX, etc.) and the emergence of increasingly powerful platforms, Witekio’s teams are constantly working to develop and support new board support packages.

Our long-standing collaboration, of over 15 years, with leading manufacturers of electronic cards and processors including NXP, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, Intel, and Xilinx, has enabled us to build solid partnerships and establish ourselves as a leader in the development of reference board support packages across all of their platforms.

Automation Lab

Our Automation Lab is our turnkey solution for implementing automated testing procedures and continuous testing. It allows you to make regular checks throughout the development process and avoid the slowdown brought on by the so-called ‘testing hurdle’.

Instead of bringing you to a standstill, this hurdle can be made easier to clear or, in some cases, even eliminated altogether. Our Automation Lab works with any hardware and software and, once it is installed, it empowers you to carry out non-regression testing, functionality tests, audit tests, performance analyses, and more.