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Project Background

Walking on the street represents a daily fear for over 39 million visually impaired or blind people around the world. Thanks to their state of the art 3D sensor and their unique approach based on visually impaired requirements, a French start-up, has developed a turnkey solution that has won unanimous approval from the concerned people and associations. The solution is a complete hardware and mobile system consisting of a smart white cane connected via Bluetooth to a mobile iOS application. The purpose of the solution is to create a virtual security area which protects the user from any danger in his path.


In collaboration with the French Start-up, Witekio has provided its architecture and software expertise on different high level layers of the solution. In regard to web development, Witekio has developed a complete web application allowing the user to add routes, points of interest, dangerous areas… Meanwhile developing the web application, Witekio handled the development of the complete backend API.

The main purpose of this turnkey solution is to be informed and to inform others about any obstacle that may represent dangers for the user. The other interesting part about this solution is the cloud connectivity and information sharing between users. Witekio developed the backend layer of the project, allowing any user to improve the current database and to seamlessly inform the whole community of any new dangerous area.


  • A complete mobile and web system solution based both on visually impaired and blind people requirements
  • From specification to ready to use mobile and web application
  • Expertise on architecture and technologies identification
  • Seamless cloud connectivity with the web and mobile application
A French start-up has developed a turnkey solution for both visually impaired and blind people, enabling them to easily walk across any city. We are proud to have collaborated on this project, allowing a real improvement in the daily lifestyle of a blind or a visually impaired person. Based on our connected mobile and web application expertise coupled with a worldwide software proficiency, we have managed to develop a connected mobile and web application by integrating requirements from visually impaired persons. Damien Jars - Senior Digital Application Engineer

Key facts

  • Web application developed with AngularJS
  • Backend cloud development with PHP
  • Web application designed along with visually impaired people feedback