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ACOEM: Smart Data Collector App Architecture And Development

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Project Background

ONEPROD is an ACOEM brand specialized in equipment and condition-based maintenance services (CMS) to the industrial and energy sectors.

ONEPROD FALCON is a portable data collector and vibration analyzer for rotating machines. It is designed to identify potential machine failures at an early stage, and allows saving production uptime and optimizing maintenance costs.

ONEPROD FALCON is based on a NXP i.MX53 reference design running Windows Embedded Compact 7 and uses Qt as the technology for the graphical interface. Our long term collaboration with ACOEM especially on WEC7 trainings and support, allowed us to be an integral part of the  ONEPROD project and to manage the development of the graphical user interface with Qt 4.8. We also handled the definition and the development of a whole new architecture to run on their product with QWidgets.


Our main solution was to provide a light and extensible system architecture developed with an older version of Qt to run on ACOEM, Falcon product. We oriented the development of the application to be QWidget based, organized as a set of flexible modules and pages. As it runs on a single window page, we have developed along with the QWidget based architecture, a windowing manager, able to handle different simultaneous pages and dialogs to overcome this unique page limitation.

Our high level expertise coupled with our Qt technology proficiency allowed us to restyle the overall Graphical User Interface and adapt every single component of the application to ACOEM’s graphical chart design and touch area size constraints. Our usage of a light QWidget based architecture coupled with an extensive knowledge of Qt components were the keys to the success of this project. This high level software expertise allowed us to optimize and customize every single components used within the graphical user interface, while providing an overall graphical optimization.

Our dedicated project and system approach allowed ACOEM to develop the application even further, by adding new contents and features to the original product.

Witekio advised us to use Qt for our embedded HMI project. Witekio’s Qt in-depth expertise allowed to seamlessly meet our challenges and develop an innovative tactile HMI. Sylvain Zangiacomi: Projet Manager at Acoem


  • From idea to high level development
  • Seamless application development thanks to our Qt proficiency
  • Faster architecture development linked to our usage of QWidgets based architectures
  • Product reliability and performance enhancement
For the ONEPROD Falcon Smart Data Collector we worked in close collaboration with ACOEM to develop an immersive and accessible graphical user interface with Qt . The key was to achieve in-depth GUI styling, interface reactivity and evolution capabilities, while complying to the constrains of an industrial environment. Adrien Leravat - Senior Mobile & Embedded Software Engineer

Key facts

  • New architecture with QWidgets
  • Development of a simple Windowing manager
  • GUI Restyling
  • Fully customizable UI
  • Components adaptation to a dedicated graphical chart
  • Plotting and drawing optimization

About ACOEM 

ACOEM offers comprehensive products and services comprising smart monitoring, diagnosis and solutions, drawing upon its unique expertise in the field of vibrations and acoustics. Once a subsidiary of a global industrial group, 01dB-METRAVIB evolved into ACOEM, a successful SME, through a Management Buyout. EVOLEM, major shareholder to ACOEM, gives full support to this venture in following its growth strategy.