While hardware presents its own challenges for optimization, the software is almost always a domain where efficiency and performance improvements can be achieved. With a deep understanding of device hardware and the operating systems – Android, Linux, Windows Embedded Compact/Windows CE – that are most common in the embedded software and IoT solutions word, engineers and developers can lift performance, decrease battery load, and improve the end-user experience by adapting and optimizing code.

At Witekio optimization and the pursuit of cleaner, faster, and more efficient embedded software is a passion. Our software engineers help you to lift device performance for your customers and build your reputation for providing the optimal user experience.
Optimization for better performance?

Witekio optimizes your embedded software to lift performance and cut costs

We have a track record of success in optimizing software performance on devices and machines for clients worldwide. Each year we work on hundreds of projects where optimized software is a non-negotiable element. Whether Android, Linux, or Windows Embedded Compact/WEC/Windows CE, we understand how to extract the best from whatever hardware and software combination your use case demand.

Debugging, automated testing, software profiling, and kernel hacking are among the techniques and methods that we adopt to unlock the capabilities of your software. We routinely improve boot times, memory imprints, power draw, and CPU performance for devices and machines in a variety of enterprise and consumer products.

Optimize Your Android System

Our experience means that our engineers can help you to optimize your Android system. Major companies trust Witekio to optimize their Android projects. We routinely optimize software for IoT devices so that the device’s boot time is faster, the operating system memory imprint is improved, and so as to provide significant graphic improvements, too.


Optimize Your Linux System

With the software underlying much of the IoT and embedded industry, Linux performance optimization is a must. Linux optimization can take many forms but can include debugging manual and automated testing, and software profiling using Eclipse, Backend Debuggers, JTAG and In-Circuit Emulators. We also offer Kernel Logging capabilities and Kernel Hacking, and all of these optimizations directly impact the boot, memory, and CPU performance for your project.

Witekio Optimizes the Performance of Your Embedded and IoT Software

When we set out to optimize your software, there are a number of elements that we look for. While our goals are often the same – more efficient systems, more productive code, and lower power draw among the common goals – we adopt different techniques and strategies to optimize software depending on the project, the device, and the OS.

One area we almost always consider is execution times. These remain the most effective means of comparing different instantiations or implementations of software. Sometimes even code that is, on the surface, structured efficiently and relying on an algorithm that is expected to be faster turns out to generate slower execution times. This can even be the case on more recent or advanced microprocessors and understanding why this is the case is a key step in our optimization work.

We also optimize at different software layers. While high-level algorithms and implementations are commonly the places where the greatest performance gains can be identified, our expertise in middleware and our renowned low-level software expertise mean we look at the entire code base for potential improvements.

Our deep knowledge of boards, processors, and hardware devices offers you a chance to squeeze even more performance out of your codebase.

Thanks to the hundreds of projects that we deliver each year, we’ve learned that optimizations that work on one device may not work on another. Sharing an OS or a processor is not enough to convince us to adopt the same optimization approach as a previous project. Instead, we take care to assess the full software architecture, understand the interactions between the processors and the code, and the way that the compiler works in your device to produce the most efficient code.

No matter what optimization software you are seeking, Witekio has the expertise to deliver for you. We routinely improve performance and efficiency for Android, Linux, and Windows embedded software on fixed and mobile devices. Whether it is addressing the low-level software, the middleware, the web, and mobile application, or consulting on hardware choices or an OS migration that will add performance and functionality.

At Witekio we pride ourselves on our capacity to optimize software for our clients no matter what their industry, sector, or device. Linux optimization projects and Android optimization projects are common areas where our engineers work but our expertise has been built on optimizing hundreds of software projects every year for almost two decades.

You can trust Witekio to optimize your software. Whether it is a project that our team works on from start to finish or whether you rely on our expert teams to optimize code your own teams or other subcontractors have written, our developers and engineers can help you lift performance and improve efficiency.


It’s the combination of our skill and expertise that guarantees we can deliver the migration you need smoothly. As experts in embedded systems and embedded software, and with broad experience in all operating systems, our teams understand the key steps in your migration and how to ensure that the challenges you’ll face can be successfully resolved.

Embedded Applications: Trust Witekio to Deliver

Our full-stack embedded application design, development, and delivery experience mean that you will be able to get the most out of your hardware device. Your code will run faster, your energy consumption will be optimized, your processes will be more efficient, and your end-users will benefit from a more reliable and stable device. Trust our team to help you make the most of your embedded application investment.