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Board support package

Our collaboration with the leading Silicon Vendors such as NXP, Texas Instruments, Intel, Microchip, Altera and Xilinx coupled with our software expertise has enabled us to earn the trust of these partners with regard to the development of reference BSPs on their platforms.
With the increasing development of operating systems and the emergence of new increasingly powerful platforms, Witekio is constantly working on the development and support of new BSPs.

Recognised worldwide for our reference BSPs, we offer you:

  • Over a hundred downloadable BSPs
  • Trial BSPs down to the complete source code, facilitating the marketing of your solution
  • Technical support, replying to you and orienting you with regard to all of your software integration problems.

If you want a BSP that does not appear in our Tech corner, feel free to contact us so that we can discuss with you how we could develop it.

Finally, we also offer reference BSP optimisation and customisation services and are at your service to answer your questions.